Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.8 to 68.6 kg (ready to play now)

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run then chest & biceps with Nicole (wholly hell when you actually work your biceps they burn! 2 x 3 drop sets of 10 reps then 3 x 10 reps each arm alternating hammer curls. Just a short time ago trained hamstrings and glutes in my garage (Liz' little miss is sick today) and now I'm shagged. That meant two lots of "Surge" today!

Feeling = pretty good. Training's going well. Nutrition's going well. Treat's going well. Hubby and kids going well. Sleep is going well. Work is going well. Pretty much all is going well. I think I best go and get food before I fall asleep or pass out - pancakes, icecream and warmed raspberry coulis here I come!