Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 67.3 kg (silly bastard)

Training = 30 min early morning walk/run + abs, 6 am chest/biceps, 11 am hamstrings/glutes with Liz

Feeling = Really enjoyed my running this morning. In fact, I was looking forward to it since last night as I haven't ran since last week (yet I'm not a runner and never really liked running but the leaner I get the easier it is). With no spotter this morning (Nicole was running) I opted out of the 6-12-25 and used the smith machine for my bench presses in which I feel much safer (I've been trapped under the bar too many times). One of the guys at the gym this morning told me (his exact words) "you're looking f#@king awesome". How nice was that! And how good did I feel! Yes, there was a little bit of head swelling happening. In all honesty I'm really really happy with how I'm looking. History shows that after a higher calorie/carb day the scales rise for two days before dropping so tomorrow should bring the number down (fingers crossed) but if it doesn't, who cares, I'll just hang tight until it catches up.