Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Scale Weight = down 1.2 to 67.4 kg

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run then cracking back and triceps session with Nicole

Feeling = Awesome! Loving myself sick at the moment. In between sets today did some tricep posing and bloody hell I'm sooo happy with my tri's and shoulders. Have been thinking that when I get down a bit lower I'll back off on the cardio (not that I'm doing that much), just walk not run and any cardio will be metabolic stuff using weights as resistance like tomorrow which will incorporate some dumbbell shadow boxing, db step-up's, single leg deadlifts, bodyweight squats and whatever else I think of at the time. I don't tend to structure these workouts but simply do whatever comes to mind, I don't rest - simply keep moving from one exercise to the next and these are done on a bench seat outside my gym in the dark before it opens then I'll train clients and I'm done for the day. I know if I wait till after work it may not happen without that appointment with Liz like on Tuesday's and Friday's.

I'm taking photo's today of my food so that you can see what a chocolate, lolly, icecream eating figure chick consumes in a day! I still can't believe how good pancakes are!