Saturday, January 24, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.6 to 67.1 kg (no worries mate)

Training = powerful 35 min run, later when pool opens swim training (aiming for 40 laps straight)

Feeling = Last nights dialogue - Mad Monkey, Me

We're going out for dinner. We'll go somewhere where I can eat healthy. I'll eat mindfully, put my knife and fork down between bites, engage in conversation, drink lots of water. Let's have a big fat curry. I'd rather have a prawn and double vege stir-fry with some rice. Mission accomplished! Way home kids want Baskin Robbins (a trigger for me). I won't have anything. I'll have my skinny cow when we get home. Sofie has a buy one 2 scooper, get one free. You haven't been here for ages, you're having a higher day anyway, other people wouldn't think twice, you can have two scoops tonight, gotta use the voucher. If I do it'll take me just over 2000 that's ok, we won't have the higher day planned on Monday. Try this flavour, and this one, and this one. Just decide and get out of here. How good does this taste. It melts too quick. I'd rather have my skinny cow in future, must remember this. Let's go crazy! It's only 7 pm. You're staying up late tonight. You'll get hungry later. Dave's upstairs. Let's have a chocolate. Look in the chocolate box. Picnic - no too many calories, Ghiradelli square - no planned for tomorrow night. What are you waiting for? Just grab one and eat it quickly. I don't want to do this. Go ring Katie. Katie's words "intervention, intervention". Arrrr - he's gone (thanks Katie)! Success - I did it! I stopped! Have a huge cup of peppermint tea and watch dvd with hubby.

Last night:

This morning: