Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.2 to 67.1 kg (when you're ready!)

Training = 30 min early morning walk/run then back/triceps + 15 mins elliptical, 10 mins tready with Nicole

Feeling = Hmmmm, nothing really jumps out at me today. Everything's great. Not phased at all by the scales. Know they're a little on the slow side this week but anyday now they'll come crashing down for sure. Had a great session with Liz yesterday. She caned my glutes which are a little sore today and have been since the session yesterday and even quads are starting tighten up now so Katie I'm in sympathy with you babe! Not a busy day really so might have a little kip after lunch. My house is a pigsty - thank God my housecleaner is home from holidays and coming tomorrow! Nicole has posted a fantastic article by Katie's boyfriend, Tom.