Friday, January 16, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.8 to 66.7 kgs (hello again 66's)

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run + abs (trying to master hanging from a chin up bar doing knee raises). Later on chest/biceps with Liz (God help me!)

Feeling = The mind is a powerful tool. I visualised seeing a 66 all day yesterday and what did I get this morning! Holy crap - my thoughts became real! I haven't looked up at my wall for a few days as I've had minimal time on my computer with my eldest son here hogging it playing games but this morning I looked up and read my sayings one by one - I am strong, I can, Confidence, Positivity, Mindful, Balance, Desire, Trust, I am lean, Savouring, I like you, and finally I'm living the life I imagined. I read my quotes also but there's too many and they're too long to write here.

PS My hair looks fab!