Monday, January 19, 2009


Some may call it good genes. I call it intelligence!

Sugar does for me what it does for everyone else - sending my insulin levels through the roof,has the mad monkey on my shoulder telling me how good it tastes, wanting more and more, telling me to eat the whole lot and start again tomorrow, you've blown it, might as well keep going. Hell, put a block of chocolate in front of me or a bag of lollies or a tub of icecream and yes I'm tempted to eat the whole god damn lot BUT the difference between me and you is that I have learn't moderation and control (with professional help and a whole lot of dollars) and I BELIEVE that I can eat it. If I tell myself I can't, for whatever reason, be it my body dosn't respond to it, it's not good for me, I'll get pimples, etc it simply doesn't leave my thoughts until I have it and this is where control comes into play. Bottom line is I'd rather eat whatever I feel like, even if it increases my risk of certain diseases, and die tomorrow HAPPY and without the stress of what to eat when and if to eat it at all.