Saturday, October 31, 2009


I've never given much thought to what my body has actually done and achieved in it's 37 years in this life.

I entered the world bum first leaving the security of my mothers womb. My body learnt to crawl then walk, fall down, get back up again. It learnt to ride a push bike and later a motorbike achieving a 3rd place in the Australian Short Circuit Motorcycle Titles. It learnt to hop, skip and jump using all these skills to represent NSW in State Age Netball. It learnt to long jump, high jump, throw a discus and shot put, hurdle, sprint short and jog long distances and very successfully in all these endeavours. It learnt ball skills and hand/eye coordination which it used playing soccer and touch football.

One of its biggest and best achievements was growing three healthy babies and carrying them to term. And then pushing watermelons out a hole the size of an orange. It grew coconuts on my chest and filled them with milk with the perfect blend of nutrients to feed my babies.

And growing older it danced, pole danced, ran, rode, stepped and lifted heavy shit.

Pretty fucking intelligent really.

And this is just some of what it has done. So, if it's done all of this and much much more I'm absolutely certain it can learn to regulate my body weight and appetite without outside influence.