Friday, October 23, 2009


Or rather always remember what wonderful, supportive, encouraging friends you have.

This fabulous friend threw me the life buoy today when I had fallen into the river with my fucked up thoughts. After 15 minutes on the tready this morning at home I said out loud "I need to breathe" and doing so listening to a relaxation cd thought I had come back to the moment. But then it started again, round and around in circles. I didn't want to train today but thought I'd let her down so instead I let myself down. Removed myself from rpm during track 3 and waited for our weights session but this didn't give me what I needed today. After only a few sets my wonderful friend suggested we call it quits and go and have a cuppa. Thank you so much. I'm feeling much better. I'm off now for a beauty garden organic facial and exfoliating body treatment.

Au revoir et salut