Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hi Shelley

How are you and your family? Ok...here is the drill. My baby is now 1 and I am still FAT! I keep trying and failing to lose weight. I lose some and then gain it again. I have no discipline for longer than a couple of weeks! It is basically the same story as last time. I keep putting kids, husband and work before me so leave no time for me or more correctly, I am not a priority. I was wondering if you could mark my journal for me? I still have your program and would really like to start at the start again. (I have done this numerous times in the past 12 months) but I feel like I keep failing cause I slip into bad habits as soon as I become stressed (which seems to happen every couple of days with work and 3 kids). I really think I would stick to it if I knew you were going to check my diary. If you are able to do this for me, just work out a price and I will get it to you.

I really hope you have the time to save me again! I really felt amazing last time and it only lasted for such a short time. I still remember the feeling of finding out I was pregnant! It really devastated me! But I am so lucky to have her now and I really need to move on with it. I have put my life on hold to some extent the past year as I say "no" to many things as I feel I am too fat to do that. I would really like to have the confidence to go to parties again, go to the gym (I am too fat to go there!), go to the pool and beach and wear swimmers and run around with the kids without feeling like I am wobbling every where!

Hope you can help me.