Friday, November 27, 2009


What you believe is what creates your behaviour. If you believe that chocolate or lollies will send you into a sugar spin than that will be the case. If you believe your belly will bloat up from bread or your guts will gurgle from artificial sweeteners than that too will happen. If you believe you'll get fat from eating fat then hello cellulite. Therefore, it is at the level of belief, not at the level of behaviour, that needs modification. Where does your belief come from about the particular food? Was it an incident from your childhood that you have attached the association of that particular food to? Think long and hard, but if it doesn't come to you immediately, leave it because it will come to you soon if that is what you choose. And then when it does realise it and reverse it. Then put that particular food everywhere in your vision - your handbag, the car, the benchtop, the pantry, the fridge. See it often. Realise that you can eat it whenever you want. Understand that it will not hurt you. You must be willing to be uncomfortable, for a little while at least, to create a life that is comfortable where no food is good or bad, no food is off limits, no food will have an effect on you. At the end of your comfort zone, is where life truly begins. And always remember, it's just food for fucks' sake.