Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The English countryside is breathtakingly beautiful, somewhat hypnotic and gentle. The serenity of the meandering streams encompasses my learnings to just trust life. It is here, beside the picture-postcard rivers that my meditation each morning takes place. I have now, more than ever, come to appreciate the timeless beauty of what Is is what is supposed to Be. Quiet, leafy lanes lead to the flat topped, rolling limestone hills offering far reaching views to the vales beyond. They free my mind and let my spirit wander – freely. The feeling of peace is palpable. There’s a real sense of community here in the picturesque village. The friendly folks at the farmers market, which we frequent regularly to buy our meat, poultry, fruit, veges and free range eggs, are a highlight to our days as is the pint of beer accompanying the bangers, mash and gravy. To the pub we are but a short walk from the honey-coloured stone cottage which we now call home. It has its own unique character giving the impression that time really has stood still here. Another being in the moment moment.