Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm jumping back a bit here and again reiterating it's NOT about the food or the calories. Just about everyone believes in the calories in versus calories out equation. But not this little black duck. I beg to differ. How do you calculate how much energy is being expended by all the receptors sparking and joining together to form such positive energy? The vibrations that keep on fueling positive feelings. The fat cells melting as if they had been struck by lightening or zapped by a laser beam. But you're fat they say. And I answer "Is that what you see? Then you need to look deeper because FAT is not who she is!" I may live very very happily inside this outer shell for another six weeks, maybe six months but then as if by magic I WILL Be at my natural weight. Six month or the rest of my life in The Cycle? I'll take the first one thanks.

Trust and Believe and You Shall Receive!!