Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today is Sunday, market day. Organic food markets right here in Brisbane. I had not planned to go but the lure of my beloved organic cranberries is too strong to pass up. I have come to love these little beauties which are imported from Canada. Their sweetness is quite extraordinary. Added to oats and cooked apple they have become a daily love affair. Nicole has inspired me to get back on my pushie. I blow off the dust and clear the cobwebs and set off, backpack strapped on. It has been a long while since I rode a bike but it is like yesterday. Once learnt, never forgotten. As I pass the morning walkers I greet them with a warm smile and simple, yet effective "morning" and am replied with the same gesture of kindness. Ascending my first hill my quads scream at me, begging for me to stand up and I reward them for their efforts by doing so half way up. When I finally reach the top I am puffing like "the magic dragon" and grateful that the land is now flat for a good while. It is a muggy morning but I hardly notice breaking through the breeze. Once at the markets I lean my bike against a tree and set off on foot exploring each stall for what might spark my interest today. I kick myself that the shopping was done at the supermarket only yesterday. The smell of fresh fruit and veges sends my taste buds salivating. I buy my cranberries and am given a discount. I'll take it as one "miracle" today. My only other purchase is a raw food cake which I will save for dessert tonight and share with hubby. Made from 100% raw plant foods I'm sure it will be delightful, delectable. Time to trundle home. The rest of my family may be up by now. As a ride along a flock of pigeons fly beside me for a good 100 metres before landing on a power cable. I hope they don't shit as I ride under. I'm home and the only one up is little boy. My clothes are soaked in sweat and my face red like my cranberries. I take his hand and lead him down to the pool. Standing on the edge we both call out "canon bomb" before jumping in. I am instantly cooled and refreshed. Another brilliant day has begun.