Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur

As I sit here with a warm cuppa I have come to understand that making time and taking time is a pleasure to be enjoyed, not a nuisance to endure. Falling in love with my Self again has changed my life as I knew it, and has opened the door to another life. My dream has come true. We have a magnificent view down rue Ledru-Rollin and a garden on the balcony that wraps the house in serenity and calm. I wake of a morning to the delicious aroma of fresh croissants wafting through the morning air from the boulangerie a few steps away from our house. I stroll down the street with a basket on my arm heading for the market. This is part of the pleasure of living in France: the wonderful produce found at the market from fruit and vegetables to fish and livestock. There is also a beautiful flower stall which I buy a fresh bunch of flowers each week to be placed in the middle of our dining table. There are many “Bonjour Shelley” received as I have come to befriend the locals. Every day here is la petite adventure in my une plus grande aventure called Life.

Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur translated: The greatest thoughts come from the heart.