Sunday, May 31, 2009


Training = 6 am Chest/Biceps + 30 mins elliptical

Feeling = At Ease. What is your name solider? Private ss2306 sir. That's Sir Positive to you. Did I tell you to hit the deck? No Sir Positive. Then get your boney arse up. Now, drop and give me 20. Where did your attitude, energy and enthusiasm from last week go? It went to battle sir. And did it win? No sir. Wrong, yes it did. Are you a strong warrior woman or are you a quitter? A strong warrior woman sir. Then describe yourself to me. I am focussed, confident, strong, positive and balanced and one who loves being lean, ripped and goddamn hot in spite of what normal people think of me. Correct! When dirt gets kicked in your face you don't kick dirt back, you pick up rocks and hurl them. I have a special mission for you this week soldier. Are you up for it? Of course sir. Your number one priority is to "trust your instincts". Understood? Yes sir. Now, go and get sexy and have an awesome day. Thank you sir.