Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We're coming to the business end of the deal. Today the real fun begins! I start depleting today, not that I'm probably already half way there or maybe it's just tiredness? And get this for a laugh. I was having trouble getting to sleep last night and when hubby came to bed I said to him "I can't get to sleep, maybe we should have sex" (as it always sends me to sleep afterwards). He was too tired! What? Who's heard of a man knocking it back? Anyway, he'll have to wait till next week now cause I'm busy (hehehe). Thankfully it was only cardio today as after only less than 5 hours sleep any form of training was bound to be hard but I did it. We do what we gotta do. After 1 more client this morning I'm finished work till next Tuesday which will make life easier being able to sleep in later and train later. KatieP arrives late tonight - woohoo! And this arvo I'm meeting Melinda for firstly some posing practice at my old stomping ground (Genesis) if they'll let me in then we'll head out for a stroll and chat - fun fun fun. Other than that I'll be eating my chicken mince and sleeping if you're looking for me.