Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Scale weight = 61.6 kg

Training = 5.30 am Back & Rear Delts + 25 mins cardio (jogging, incline walking with deep bodyweight squats every few minutes)

Feeling = Firstly, Nicole and I had a great night at the concert last night. The voices, the dancing, the costumes, the bodies were all fantastic. Late night and early morning again so a wee bit tired but nothing an arvo nap won't fix. I actually had time to reflect yesterday on my competition experience and also spoke to Jason (INBA president) on the phone which helped me put things into perspective. A couple of things he said which are still clear in my mind are 1) my strengths were my legs and abs. This was really nice to hear since these were and always are my biggest concerns and were what I made sure I improved on from last year. 2) He would have had me a couple of kilos leaner. This one really threw me. 3 weeks ago I had asked someone who is very experienced in the industry if she thought I needed to get leaner. She said no. And I was always worried about sacrificing upper body muscle if I did this as I don't have enough to begin with. For a brief moment I thought about competing again but then slapped myself and said it's time to give a little back to my husband, children and friends and reminded myself that what's important to me now is to maintain a body I'm proud of and to enjoy more of a social life. I don't need to get on a stage and have others scrutinise every inch of my body for me to feel good about how I look. I can do that everyday by simply looking in the mirror, giving myself a nod and a wink, and displaying and expressing my passion for living, learning and loving.