Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Scale weight = 61.5 kg

Training = 4 am Quads + 20 mins elliptical, 5.30 am Hamstrings + 20 mins tready walking

Feeling = Looking back I realise the importance of "the journey is as or more important than the destination". Through competing, well not actually competing but the process it takes to get there, I've learnt so much about myself. That I am stronger than I ever believed possible. That I can take my body to places many dare not to go. How it works, how it functions. What it works best on and what it needs just to survive. I've delved to places I didn't think I could ever go. Enduring hunger which doesn't kill you as I once thought. No-one has ever died of hunger, they've died of starvation and I certainly wasn't starving. On my lowest of calorie days probably still consuming more than most. I know what to do when I've overstepped the mark of carbohydrate/fat/sugar consumption. I know when the engine is getting drained of fuel. The revelation is "I now know me". Such an empowering feeling!