Monday, May 25, 2009


Scale weight = not bothering until the fluid disappears

Training = Cardio Circuit #2 - mixture of resistance intervals and steady state 1 hr

Feeling = Hot, hot, hot. Had a great nights sleeping waking naturally at 3.06 am before the alarm which was set for 3.30 am. Awesome training session (watch out clients!) and as I was checking myself out in the mirror wearing my long bootleg pants, even with a bloated jelly belly every other part of me is looking schmick. Of course being carb loaded, muscles nice and full and veins popping is reward in itself. I love Monday's. The start of the working week. I have a short-term incentive to work towards this week which I'll post about when I get all the details. Another exciting venture. I'm going places. Thinking and dreaming big!