Monday, May 11, 2009


I decided to get a head start on the de-hairing yesterday but got a bit carried away so now I'm really really cold with not much hair anywhere but my head (lol).

Again, I'm tired today. Training was hard this morning but I managed to get through it. The next couple of days are gonna drag out until Katie arrives tomorrow night then it'll be fun, fun, fun.

On the other hand I'm relieved I've got relatively easy days ahead of me with lots of time to just play on the puter, dream and imagine what Sunday will bring.

I'm very organised and feeling very together so basically I'll just be eating, sleeping and foncing about and counting down the days.

I've been working on a post-comp plan, logging my food, writing a new training program (in order to get f#@kin HUGE - with MUSCLE of course) and working it all around the busy social life I have already planned including PussyCat Dolls concert, Nicole's Hen's Night, weekend at the Gold Coast ANB Titles, delayed St Patrick's Day bash, Pink concert, Nicole's Wedding, My Birthday, and wrapping up with a few days in my home town (Singleton) before heading to Melbourne for the All Females in July. It's gonna be a busy calendar of events so I'll need to keep things in check during the week to allow some flexibility on the weekends. I'm confident I can maintain a relatively lean body since I now have learnt the skills to do so. No doubt there'll be challenges along the way but with this will also bring more personal strength and growth.