Saturday, May 16, 2009


What a different day yesterday was. I felt sooooo much better after the introduction of carbs again and didn't I enjoy every single mouthful. First stop was registration where I received my contest number "108" in Figure Open category. There's a total of 8 Open competitors in classes 1, 2 & 3 so we've been grouped together and will be judged as one class with a pretty spectaular line up too I might add, however with only 3 of us being tall we automatically qualify to do Olympia. Not how I wanted to get through and not sure yet if I will do it at all but I'll have the option to consider down the track.

1st coat of tan was rolled on yesterday and Katie and I were both very excited seeing our veins and muscles popping and posing in the mirror. I also applied both Marie and Melinda's first coat so they knew what to do from here on in. I tell ya I've never been so close to so many clackers in the space of 6 hours before (LOL).

Today 3 more coats of tan (breaky, lunch, dinner) and getting nails done. Hubby and kids have been kicked out of the house for the weekend so we can walk around starkers whilst our tan dries.

Really looking forward to tonight's dinner of a big fat steak and wedges. I can't believe it's tomorrow - OMG! Fingers crossed everything works as it should and I come "in" right on target.