Wednesday, May 13, 2009


She's here - finally! (claps hands) Picked up the girl last night - the amazing and gorgeous KatieP.

We've slept in a wee bit, trained (in my garage with me in pj pants and ugg boots) and heading to see Jo later this morning for a final posing session. Day 2 of depletion and more chicken mince which I actually love especially the ones with salt and soy sauce. Treats have been omitted till after comp but I don't feel deprived at all. I'm doing this for a purpose and know that they'll be back on the menu next Monday and Tuesday and EVERYDAY after that. And not forgetting Sunday's AFTERPARTY although what I'm mostly looking forward to there is a vodka, lime and soda or two and a good laugh and recollection of events and celebrating with the rest of the girls.

Feeling really good about how my body is "coming in" this week and really enjoyed posing, walking and chatting with the girls last night.

On a negative note not real happy Jan about the running order on Sunday which was emailed out last night. Figure Novice on 20 minutes before Figure Open - Big FUCK!