Friday, May 15, 2009


Carb depletion - a form of torture! Yesterday I felt like shit and looked like shit and questioned whether it is all worth it? But I know it's like having a baby - the labour sucks and then the minute that beautiful baby is born you forget it all. No doubt when I step on that stage on Sunday I will forget how painful the past couple of days have been. And I will only remember the hard work and dedication I have put in to produce my best body to date. I will stand tall and proud knowing I have done my best, faced and overcome challenges along the way, battled head fucks sometimes losing but mostly winning, pushed my body to the extreme cause that is what competing is. Doing what many dare not to do. Achieving a level of leanness that is not only unhealthy longterm and hard to get but both mentally and physically draining also.

Today should be a whole lot better with lots of delicious, gorgeous carbs gettin' in meh bellie. We're off to register this morning, then I'll de-hair for the last time till after comp (and yep the floss is done) and apply first coat of tan. Hopefully then it'll seem like it is real and finally all happening.