Thursday, May 21, 2009


The above picture was inspired by Katie who just called me "Milo Girl" cause I had a warmed caramel crunch protein bar with ice-cream and milo for morning tea.

Scale weight = 60.8 kg

Training = 1 hour cardio mix involving skipping, squats, lunges, bulgarians, elliptical, bike & tready jogging and incline walking

Feeling = Gee, I'm so happy!! I have no carrot dangling in front of me other than simply wanting to look and feel great. Of course I do have important events and functions coming up but each day brings a new sense of achievement of just how far I've come. I feel like the last little goal I set for myself with regards to competing has already come to fruition. I wanted to do better on the "other side". I'm feeling really strong now mentally knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to but also now I feel like there's no "other side" cause I've been doing it all along. Practising moderation that is. No blow outs and no MM. I've formulated a plan. I love plans. A plan for my training and a plan for my nutrition and I'm thrilled that I'm executing it with ease. The energy inside me is electric. Although it seems I've been flat out and haven't stopped all day some really positive stuff is happening. Broken bridges and being rebuilt, inspiration wall getting revamped, helping others find the way, witnessing improvements in clients performance, and spending more quality time with children and husband. What else could a girl ask for?