Sunday, May 10, 2009


I finally got more than 5 hours sleep - yay. Only 7 1/2 but still. Told hubby last night that I'd get up, have my cuppa, but may go back to bed and train after breaky. 3.30 am wakeup, cuppa, but it got the better of me and off I trotted. The thing I noticed and that surprised me most this morning was I actually had energy to train. My legs felt good not heavy like lead weights, I was a tad stronger than previous sessions and when the 30 minute mark came round on the cardio I felt I could have kept going. I didn't though as I could smell the pancakes I was having for breaky in the air.

1 week out - Fffffaaaarrrrkkkk! 1 week, 1 week, 1 week - OMG! It's now close. When it's weeks away it seems surreal and you long to get closer and start the single digit countdown then when that arrives you start to poo your pants, get nervous, think have I done it the way I wanted, am I lean enough, have I lost muscle, hope the depletion/load works perfectly, hope I don't forget to squeeze my butt on stage, hope I don't fall over but most of all HOPE I HAVE SO MUCH FUN not only on stage but with MY FRIENDS before, during and afterwards.
Happy BuffMother's Day!!