Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In our family we have a ritual that at the dinner table we all take turns in telling "our good thing" for the day. It's a way to make time together and talk about what's going on in our lives. It encourages conversation by the children with which we get them to elaborate on their good thing by explaining why it was good. It slows down our eating time and lets us be together as a family for probably the first time of the day. Two nights ago during stormy weather on my behalf when it was little boy's turn he quietly shrunk in his chair and said "I don't have a good thing, I had a bad day". Without hesitation I spoke up and told him "no matter how bad your day has been there's always one good thing about it". I stopped and thought about my own day and through all the tears and turmoil I still had something good happen. There had been talk of me competing at a powerlifting meet coming up (dieting not required). I would enter the RAW division meaning no assistance by lifting equipment. Am I excited? Yes. Am I scared? Shitless. Will work out the details and confirm if I shall do it. Reckon I should give it a crack?