Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thursday's - DEADLIFT Day - Woo Hoo!!! The only morning I don't get up and do any form of exercise, not even a walk. I don't want to use even a tiny weeny bit of energy because I know come 9.30 am I'm gonna be bustin' my guts to pick that heavy fucking bar with weights on each end up from the floor to the top and back again a number of times. If I could deadlift every single day I would. It's my favourite exercise of all time. Every week I'm nervous, yet excited and pray for a number two before I leave the house (sorry - TMI but true). I pee a hundred times too. Each week I want to lift more. As my mind gets stronger so does my body. Another PB today. And I got video'd doing it. Just gotta get it downloaded. Watching it back is great to see - nice looking shoulders, rounded back, ugly faces, dragging bar. There's lots I can improve on although when I'm lifting there ain't much thinking going on. My poor 'ol thighs copped a caning today from dragging the bar up them and already the bruises are out so tomorrow will surely be a site to see. Last last few reps were a struggle but I wasn't giving in and got my number.

Thursday's Lift Heavy Shit Session

Fixed Rep Deadlifts (30 reps in least amount of sets)
- 110 kgs x 11 then 8 then 6 then 5 reps

Wide Placement Heels In Incline Leg Press
- 140 kgs x 30 reps
- 140 kgs x 30 reps (I think I tell you every week I hate these don't I?)
- 140 kgs x 30 reps

Incline DB Bicep Curls
- 10 kgs x 12 reps (whinge, whinge, whinge)
- 10 kgs x 15 reps (wrists wrapped)
- 10 kgs x 12 reps (legs in the air doesn't help - that's not what Dave says!)