Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Generally, when one wants to lose weight/body fat we focus on the thing that we don't want ie fat. Focussing on what we don't want usually ends up in frustration and another unsuccessful attempt. When we want to get rid of something (eliminate) we give power to that something. By turning it around into something that we do want to create or achieve ie a fit, healthy body we can start to notice the good things that we are achieving in order to get what we want.

For me, I'm consistently achieving more weight and/or reps in my strength training thereby increasing my lean mass, I'm running stronger and faster than ever (thanks to clear lungs), I'm making food choices based on this, and the list goes on. It's a mental shift I've made to take the impatience effect off my mind which only ends in feelings of frustration and self doubt because the reality is it will take persistent effort. What I've reminded myself of is that my primary goal or objective is to live a happy, fulfilled life full of abundant energy, self-esteem, confidence and that the weight is just a benefit/outcome of achieving what I really want.