Thursday, December 31, 2009


I can count on one hand the number of years I have NOT made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, get back on track, pull back into line, start again on January 1. I was given the opportunity time and time again to learn and grow stronger yet I didn't hear or didn't listen to the calling. I swore the problem was what I was eating and the exercise I was or wasn't doing that was the problem. I continually looked outside of myself for the reason I wasn't completely fulfilled and happy. Luckily these days I know that the elusive butterfly of happiness can only be found within me. I've learned that the answer to happiness CANNOT be found in a diet, counting calories or restricting and depriving myself of the pleasure of food. It is not smashing myself with interval training to burn more calories in order shrink my arse and thighs. And it isn't found in a pill, powder, gadget or gizmo. I now realise that no matter what my body shape or size I am perfect, whole, complete and happy just as I am. I sat on the sidelines for too long watching life go by to get the body I wanted only for it to be taken away again soon after. I'm no longer willing to put off life because I have unwanted fat on my body. I'm no longer putting off till tomorrow what I can do today. My arse and thighs are getting smaller no matter what I eat. It was never what I was eating but rather what was eating me. I've dealt with my emotional baggage, embraced my dark side, found my friend, and now I'm ready to live life. My resolution this year is to focus on the things I do want; freedom, spontaneity, quality family time, to become more spiritual so that my real life example can help others, finish writing my book, and to lift the mother fucker deadlift. There's plenty more but this will do for starters.