Friday, January 1, 2010

SLAWN-JE VAH (cheers to your good health)

2009 I bid you farewell. Thanks for the memories (even if some weren't so great). It will most certainly be a year I will reflect upon with admiration and one I will never forget. The year my life changed for the better for ever and ever.

2010 I welcome you with open arms. Set to be the best decade of my life so far. The year where all my dreams will come true. One in which miracles are brought forward. An adventure of a lifetime will take place. Copious amounts of love, fun and laughter will happen.

Time for:

C - confidence
E - enthusiasm
L - love
E - empowerment
B - body
R - respect
A - appreciation
T - trust
I - inspiration
O - optimism
N - now

Slawn-Je Vah xxxxxx