Saturday, December 12, 2009


Whilst I don't really know about all the drama that is unfolding about Tiger Woods playing up on his wife I kind of feel for him. I feel that he has fallen prey to the same psychological storm that so many of us encounter at least once in our lives. For emotional eaters it comes more often. The storm is when that dormant seed of self-hatred, self-loathing, or low self-esteem that lies within us awakens to destroy the good life we have created for ourselves. And it seems to happen to the best of us, even Tiger Woods.

How we feel about ourselves always shows up, in one form or another. Either in the partners we choose, the jobs we take (or lose), the income we settle for, the weight we pack on, the financial chaos we create…and, if you get all of the others right, then the sexual transgressions we get involved (and caught) in.

I don't believe it's about the sex. What is it that Tiger is looking for? My guess - a feeling. It's always a feeling that we are looking for. I hope he uncovers what his self-defeating behaviour is about and finds that feeling closer to home.

Final word: I do NOT condone infidelity/adultery. If my husband cheated on me I'd cut his dick off. I'm just saying has anyone thought that there might be more to it than tits and arse??