Thursday, December 3, 2009


I couldn't pick the fucker up today. Am I upset about this? - Nope. Because I knew it!! I THOUGHT last week "next week I won't get it off the ground". I created my reality today. I can lift 130 kg's. I've done it before - tired, so fresh I should have lifted it straight up but this has just reinforced the power of my mind and thought. Yesterday was filled with doubts, what if's and tears. I will not entertain these thoughts or feelings any more. KatieP assisted my rescue with this:

"I bet Roger had his doubts too when he ran and ran and still couldn't break the 4 mins. But he did it, and you can do it too. If people can get better from cancer, you can heal a few fat cells." Gotta love a friend who can make you laugh in any situation.

Deadlifts & Rack Pulls
- 130 kgs x Gong

Leg Extensions SS with
- 10 kgs x 50 reps
- 15 kgs x 40 reps
- 20 kgs x 35 reps

Lying Leg Curls
- 40 pds x 30 reps
- 40 pds x 25 reps
- 40 pds x 25 reps

Single Leg Press
- 120 kgs x 20 reps
- 140 kgs x 15 reps
- 160 kgs x 10 reps

On this day 43 years ago a baby was born. This baby grew up into the most wonderful man on this earth. He is my husband. 37 years later, 6 years ago this man had his very own son, my second son. Born on exactly the same day, 8 days past my due date and therefore share the same birth date. Happy Birthday to two of my favourite boys.