Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sitting at the bench drinking a glass of wine and talking with eldest son and Mum as she prepares Christmas Eve dinner.

Mum: "Oh shit, I've left the lettuce at home for the salad."
Son: "Good on ya Nan, now you've ruined Christmas." (teenage sarcasm)
Me: "The lettuce that ruined Christmas. A great chapter heading for my book."

Ten times UNDEFEATED boxing champion on the Wii. Yep, that's me. No-one could take me down. Master J (nephew aged 8) told his mother I was a bitch when I beat him. As we left at lunchtime on Christmas Day I told him I loved him and not to call Aunty Shelley a bitch again. I did get the singlet top to prove he was right though (lol).

It was the best Christmas I have had in years yet also the saddest. Finding out that now my Mum has Cancer as does my Dad. I stayed strong on the outside for my Mum but quietly cried on the inside.

With very rainy weather I was able to pull a couple of all nighters only the opposite of what this refers to according to daughter. Like Liz, I managed a couple of 12 hour sleeps which is highly unusual for me and then laid around under the covers, in my pj's, watching The Shadow Effect dvd and reading The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson I was given for Christmas.

My very special gift from my wonderful husband and children was a basket filled with 10 small packages, each wrapped in calico with a red ribbon and card on the outside reading I Believe In You and when opened revealing an inspirational quote. I am to open 1 each day for the 10 days following Christmas. Each package is filled with a small item to bring a smile to my face, a typed proverb, a single chocolate from Chocolate To Die For, and a note saying I LOVE you for ??? (little things they love about the new me) rolled up and sealed with a gold heart sticker. I am so blessed to share my life with such special people.

Home safe and sound now and getting ready to welcome another fabulous year of fun, love and laughter.