Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me the effort people go to in decorating their houses for the festive season. It is like these houses have been sprinkled all over with magic dust to become a twinkling fairyland. There are fairy lights hanging on the fences, in the trees, from window to window, and wrapping their boundary in a tinselly glow. Illuminated Santas, reindeers, stars, bells and xmas trees seem to jingle the essence of Joy. It is when December sparkles that I know that Christmas is approaching. As we drive around the streets hunting for the lights there is an overwhelming feeling of contentment as I think of the pride these men and women must feel upon seeing their completed masterpieces with the first flick of the switch to on, and every night thereafter. The hours, months and days they have spent in creating excitement and happiness for others. It is these people who scream “celebrate”, “put on your happy face”, and “the holidays are here”. I feel like a child at heart.