Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey there gorgeous

So nice to hear from you. Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately. As you know I’ve been “pre-occupied”.

So sorry to hear that your Nan is not well. I hope when you read this that she is still with you. I want to say to you that when she does leave please know that this was her wish. She felt complete and had done what she came here to do. She was happy and fulfilled. Grieve for your loss but do not grieve for her death. Her physical body may no longer be with you but her Spirit will ALWAYS as Souls are eternal. She would want you to know that she will be watching over you and by your side forever. I hope you find comfort in these words when you need them.

Me, what to say? As incomprehensible as this may seem I am the biggest I have ever been (aside from pregnancy) yet I am the happiest (most of the time). I do still occasionally have down days but they are few and far between and I can usually get myself out within a day, two tops. The pendulum has stopped swinging. My mind is in the middle but my body is on the right hand side. It’s only a matter of time before it re-aligns in the middle again. My intention has been set. I have asked and I have received. I just haven’t allowed it yet. I will have “the body” by Easter 2010. It’s a sure thing! I have experienced so much Joy in the past couple of months. They have well and truly made up for the past couple of years. Fun has been my middle name of late. Just this past weekend Dave had a work do down at Peppers Resort at Kingscliff. The wives were invited and treated to a spa treatment at The Golden Door Spa. We had a beautiful dinner, the company was great, and the highlight of the night was me on the dance floor at the pub with a live band playing. T’was just like old times. Wish you were there bustin’ out the moves with me. Only difference was I didn’t show what a fabulous singer I am (lol). I let someone else take the spotlight. We had the bestest time.

Now, your friend. Yes, by all means give her my blog link. And I’d love to meet her. From what you’ve said if she keeps up her current regime she’ll burn out and crash before too long and she’ll end up a looney like I did. But, in saying that, she has to be ready to let go and accept and believe. It has to be her time to listen and hear. Only she knows if she can do that. But I will help in whatever way I can.

Can’t wait to see you at Xmas time. Got some very, very exciting news to tell you. And no, it’s not that. Dave’s had the snip remember. Unless you class creaming ones legs for deadlifting baby-making (hehehe). Mind you there’s been plenty of practice going on. I have a constant smile on my face (lol).

Anyway, best get this sweaty body (been out for an amazing run this morning) into the shower. Dave and I are Christmas shopping today whilst MIL is here. Tra la la, tra la la, lah, lah, lah.

Love Shelley