Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There's a book to be written, manuscripts being created. I must recall my insights and discoveries. What are they? What have I learnt? It is somewhat overwhelming thinking of the "how to" in order to create the outcome and I start to question my ability. But just like my journey to my natural weight I remember to dismiss the outcome and concentrate on the Here and Now and the how to will be taken care of and just happen. At first I struggle to remember them but as pen starts to hit paper, like a snowball effect, one by one they come flooding back filling me with excitement as I recall the progress each one delivered. I list them in point form. And then how do I expand on these and express, what I now know, to others in a way that will inspire them to live their dream, find their authentic Self, love life as much as I do, and Be Happier than they ever thought possible? Being the change you wish to see in the world seems so much easier than writing it. But then nothing worth doing is easy. Unless, of course, we believe it to be so.