Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sumo Toad: Strength, inner calm, protection and honour.

The Sumo Toad stands in the defense position, he is highly disciplined and stands upon a lotus flower, the symbol of purity and spiritual unfolding. The lotus flower represents how we, like the lotus, can transcend our current realities and offer up our lives in the successful pursuit of our highest aspirations. The combination of strength, calmness, purity and self discipline being our greatest skills as human beings to attain wisdom and peace. In pre history Osaka, Japan, (post 8th century) a Monk was sitting in contemplation of a still pond. Slowly he became that pond. He became serene and was able, through this stillness, to hear the silent whisper of all of creation. He shared this knowledge with another Monk, a Nun. As they sat together in powerful silence they spied a Crane protecting her eggs from a viper. The old Monks watched the graceful fluidity of the crane's defense versus the slippery, lightning-fast strikes of the viper. This struggle of nature was an epiphany. The Monks imitated the animals' moves and applied their effectiveness in unarmed combat. After many years on the mountain they brought their fellow Monks the first "Animal Styles" of unarmed combat as well as the art of Meditation and Chí manipulation. This was believed to be the beginning of the Toad Style, throwing sharp and poisonous strikes. In ancient times Toad grease was used as a protective ointment so that no sword could pierce the skin.

On another note Happy 10th Birthday beautiful daughter.