Monday, December 14, 2009


Little did I know when I started this journey that there was actually a process one goes through from jumping off the merry-go-round to reaching one’s natural weight. I was unaware that someone who had been there, done that has actually put together a guideline for the progression. I did not see this until I was nearing the end of the wave. It was encouraging to say the least to see the steps I had taken actually down on paper. Remember the angry day? That word c*nt cracks me up every time I hear it. Then there was the rebellion with the fuck diets forever header. Following on was the legalization of all foods, letting go of the false control, and hence the inevitable weight gain. I then found my faith and reclaimed my spiritual Self, something I had not even considered since childhood. There were emotional issues that emerged from childhood with forgiveness and understanding given. At times I became frustrated, overwhelmed and experienced hopelessness. Obsessive thinking about food and weight was reduced, all whilst continuing to practice eating and feeling and the continuation of emotional processing. A transformed relationship had occurred and I am finding acceptance, trust and love within myself resulting in the ultimate – Freedom, and when I will reach my natural weight.