Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scale weight = up 0.4 to 63.1 kg (Katie's scales) - nothing!

Training = Workout B

Feeling = As I sit here eating 2nd breaky/morning tea/post work-out meal I am amazed at how physically and mentally strong I feel today. Photo's of food mission got aborted yesterday (refer Katie's post) when spontaneously (which my personally doesn't usually like or do) plans changed. Best friends sharing good food, lots and lots of laughs, feeling like we were drunk and very much high on life itself made the day a spectacular one. I am so proud of myself for positively practising what I have learnt. Of course there was the "let's have something else to eat" but I stopped and really thought about if I was hungry or not and not eating for the sake of it. I really truly wasn't hungry for the rest of the day so didn't eat just for the sake of it. I didn't miss out on yesterday's dinner which I was really looking forward to (Katie's version of nachos) cause I've transferred it to today. Had a really fantastic workout earlier and now floating with hyperactivity. Took a couple of progress pics this morning (which I'll post when I get home). I can't believe how great I am looking and feeling.