Saturday, February 14, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.5 to 65.1 kg (what the ?? brought that on?)

Training = 1 hr in total - intervals: stairs, sprints, skipping, metabolic circuit, elliptical intervals finished off with elliptical steady state

Feeling = You wake, it's early, it's raining, it's pouring, the sexy man next to you is snoring, it's warm under the blankets, you contemplate going back to sleep but remember you are going out for dinner tonight and getting on the turps and taking a rest day tomorrow (shock horror!) so drag your arse out of bed, flick the kettle, are greeted with a single long stemmed red rose and a happy valentines day note on the bench, brush the fangs, get dressed and whack on a hat, throw down some supps, grab a green tea, throw a set of dumbbells and skipping rope in the back seat and hop in the car and head off. Jetts has an undercover car park with a set of stairs - perfect! (I forgot to get an access card to the gym yesterday). I start by walking around the car park and mentally prepare and plan my workout which turns out to be one of those awesome workouts, intense, to the point, heart rate skyrocketing, feeling strong, loving every minute of it. The gym owner turns up and lets me in and I finish off on the elliptical with some intervals and steady state (who'd have thought I'd actually miss the elliptical). Remember that only the dedicated achieve their desired results. Pat myself on the back and now set for a fabulous day!