Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.8 to 65.3 kg (kickin' arse!)

Training = Fantastic shoulder session in the garage with Nicole followed by 30 mins spin bike whilst Nicole used the tready. It was really great to have someone to train with again early morning. We're both now done and dusted for the day.

Feeling = Being brutally honest (in the nicest way with the best possible intentions) is sometimes what we have to do:

- Consistency and patience is the key. If you do not display both of these you will not unlock the door.
- What is your why, your dreams, your goals? Dig deep to realise your potential.
- Get the job done with positivity. Negativity is a waste of time and energy.
- Develop your unique talents and abilities. We were all born with them but you have to dig deep and understand what yours are and how you’re going to make them work for you, it’s up to you.
- For someone who wants to make serious change to their life I can sum it up in 3 words “deal with it”.
- We’re all self made successes however only the successful will admit it. So change your blue print in your mind that is holding you back from achieving outstanding results personally and professionally.
- If you’re casual about your dreams you’ll become a casualty.
- Everyone can win as long as they don’t ‘quit’. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
- Step into your heart with your goals, make your mind up on who and what you want to be, increase your energy and you’ll achieve.
- People do more to avoid pain than they will ever do to gain pleasure.
- You have to risk rejection to succeed, however once you succeed your chances of rejection decrease dramatically.
- Your beliefs determine whether you feel pleasure or pain.