Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.1 to 65.3 kg (Do I make you horny? Randy?)

Training = 5.30 am leg day including deadlifts, 1 1/4 squats SS with DB Lunges & Plie Squats

Feeling = There's something about deadlifts that makes you feel strong, powerful, invincible! I actually don't lift that heavy but try and focus on holding my core tight, pushing through my heels and squeezing the hell out of my glutes. I fatigue and get wonky and know when I need to stop in a set. Liz has taught me well and I usually try and do deadlifts with her so I have someone to correct my form and drive me to the top. But today I tackled them on my own and I think I did ok.

For the past couple of days I, like Katie and probably many others, anticipated the other side and started to prepare and plan. I had some doubtful, scary moments resulting in my MM having a crack at me. This led to an email conversation with Katie last night (yeah I know girls but I haven't gotten into facebook!) which helped me to overcome my doubts and fears. The last sentence from Katie before bed went like this:

"Soon MM will stand for Mellow Mouse ... in fact that is a better way to think of him and speak to him. He's just a teeny tiny insignificant thing that you don't even have to bother with. She Hulk says just shut it Squeeky!!"

She's real gem and definately has a way with words! Love you!

And lastly, my darling husband is coming home tonight after being away for 8 days. I've missed him terribly and can't wait for a "special cuddle" (wink wink - lol).