Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Scale weight = down 1 to 65.9 kg (you're bloody lucky!)

Training = 4 am fantastic 35 min cardio session at home, later today Liz is coming over to my garage establishment to trash the triceps

Feeling = Be sure that your strengths all come to the fore, and that your weaknesses are not allowed to take you down. Busy day yesterday (first day at Jetts with lots of programs to write) therefore didn't get to bed as early as I normally do, with 1 loo stop during the night then up again at 3.15 am I'm a wee bit tired this morning. Got some mad back doms going on which I haven't had for some time. Then to top off my morning my 6.15 am client did a 'no show' which really pisses me off. Big day again today but really enjoying the new atmosphere and clients at Jetts.