Thursday, February 5, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.4 to 65.7 kg (Shut up Squeaky!)

Training = 5.30 am 45 min run with Nicole (5 min warmup and only 5 min walking in the middle) followed by shoulders at home in my garage

Feeling = If I didn’t know better I’d probably be freaking out right now and going “fark – I’ve put on nearly ½ a kilo of FAT!” I’d be eating less (probably starving my body), training more (like a lunatic rather than an athlete), running myself into the ground (basically becoming an emotional wreck) to get it back off again. Of course, I know better. It’s impossible for it to be fat, unless I ate 3500 calories over my maintenance level, which I haven’t. Going back through my blog/records shows me that after a higher calorie/carb day I’ve risen around the 0.4 kg mark. And even though I’ve increased my calories slightly I still haven’t eaten as many as on those days. So, what does this tell me? TOM is due tomorrow (if they come back again) – explanation! My hamstrings hurt (from deadlifts yesterday) – another explanation! After squats (even bodyweight) my knees are fluidy – yet another explanation! So, you see Squeaky I know more than you do so shut the f#@k up! I’m fibbing actually. Haven’t heard from him since the other day – I think I caught him in my trap (but it sounded good). Conclusion – even though the scales are a good indicator of progress they don’t always tell the true story of what is happening within your body.