Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 63.7 kg (not surprised hey Kylie)

Training = 4.30 am Workout D

Feeling = Thanks to two beautiful clients of mine who have rescheduled their PT sessions from Friday for me I’m heading to Sydney a day earlier – yahooooooooooo!!

MM and I have this week become friends rather than enermies. We’re now on equal ground and respect each others demands and wishes and working together rather than against each other he has become a part of my team. Yesterday, in the afternoon, when I was quite tired he wanted lollies. I played along with him and set a challenge on the scales. If the number was under 65 fully clothed I’d eat, if not he goes without. 64.4 kg so 3 lollies later he was happy and I was happy. There was no winner, no loser! And I still had my ice-cream and clinkers for dessert.

When you train in just a crop and can see your abs you definately brace your core more!