Thursday, February 12, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.5 to 64.8 kg (you rock!)

Training = Chest in garage followed by stairs x 4, run home with Nicole (Nicole mentioned yesterday that she needed to up the ante with her cardio - big mistake - HUGE! - LOL)

Feeling = To be successful in your endeavours one must have a dedicated, trustworthy, supportive team of people in their surroundings. The most successful, wealthiest, men and women all themselves have mentors, people who motivate, inspire and support them in reaching their true potential.

Stepping away from the fitness industry for a moment, another example of my success is my property investing business. In December of 2004 over xmas drinks with a friend I was inspired to venture into investing in property with the goal of owning $10 million worth of property in 10 years to allow my husband to work only IF he wanted to and for us to have the lifestyle we always dream of. I surrounded myself with like-minded people and employed a team (buyer’s agents, financial strategist, accountant, property manager’s) to help me in my endeavours. In 2005 we purchased our first investment and now 4 years later and 6 properties we are well on our way to achieve our goal.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag, show off or impress you but rather demonstrate what having the right team of people in your circle of influence can do for you. Figure competing, losing body fat or gaining muscle, improving your technique or one of a million other reasons that are PERSONAL to you is no different. Surround yourself with support (family, friends, personal trainer, coach) and you will have a much easier time in accomplishing your dreams and goals. If you associate with happy, vibrant people, over time you will develop the positive mindset that is essential for achieving success. You owe it to yourself. Take the next step towards a better life today!