Monday, February 9, 2009


Scale weight = down 1 to 66.5 kg (back to it)

Training = 5 am 1 hr walk then 30 mins metabolic circuit, later after taking kids to school triceps in the ol garage.

Feeling = When life throws you a curveball do you catch it and run with it embracing the challenge or drop the ball? If you drop the ball and allow it to continue rolling on the ground you are in trouble. If you catch it and run with it, dig a little deeper, the answer lies within. It is these obstacles and challenges that allows us to become stronger in body, mind and soul. I'm a thinker. I like to know the in's and out's and why's. Someone very dear to me threw me that ball last night and on my walk this morning I dug deeper to find my answer. I rationlised my thoughts and found my answer. And all I can say is "let the game begin". Everything happens for a reason.

Kanji - Courage, Patience, Happiness