Friday, February 27, 2009

Scale weight = 62.7 kg (Katie's scales)

Training = Workout A

Feeling = In the interest of continuing to track my scale weight I've jumped on Katie's scales this morning. I realise that all scales are different and will give different readings hence I don't believe the number this morning but tomorrow will be comparative to today.

Due to work commitments yesterday Katie wasn't unable to meet me at the airport. I worked out how to catch a train all by myself! We'd text to meet at Circular Quay station where she would jump on (the last carriage was arranged) and we'd head home, a couple of stops later. On the platform waiting for the train I walked to the end to get on the last carriage. Train arrives (shit from other direction). Fark....I'm now on the first carriage. 5 stops away from Katie so with each stop I run off and sprint back a couple of carriages. Arrive at meeting station. See Katie sitting on bench. I go to door and yell out "She Huuulllkkkk" and wait for her. She doesn't hear me or get on. Better yell out again and she just gets on in time. Phew, that was close and funny.

We've trained this morning and enjoyed a scrummy breaky and have a fabulous day of food planned of which I'm taking photos again as I'm so excited as you would be too Pump's!