Thursday, June 5, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Scale weight = still dropping and nearly where I want to maintain at
Nutrition = all good, just 20 or so over the scheduled 1850 (thought I am hungry today but now think I'm nervous over the trip)
Water = so far just over 2.5 litres (just realised I need to go have a big drink which is why I'm thinking of food also)

Training = 8.30 am Chest/biceps/abs followed by 25 minutes steady state elliptical

Feelings = great, strong, fit and healthy - looked at myself in the mirror today whilst training, gave myself a nod and thought you're lookin' good again girlfriend.

Only some of you would know that my background is in planning. As a Maintenance Engineer at a coal mine in the Hunter Valley, NSW (wine country) it was my job to schedule and plan all of the maintenance on the machinery and equipment, that is dragline, shovels, drills, trucks, etc. Perhaps this is where my anal retentive nature today comes from? There was a safety statement that was promoted throughout the mine being "a place for everything, everything in its place". I have used this statement and employed the theory for a long time now. I get really annoyed when things aren't put back where they came from or if they get left lying around. I'm really quite a neat and tidy person. My office and desk has everything sitting in it's place (right Liz).

It occurred to me last night when going to bed that I haven't done any planning for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas this Monday. My sister mentioned that she was going and I jokingly said "I should come with you" to which she replied "why don't you?" Hmm, I'll be finished comping by then, asked hubby what he thought, and before I knew it I'm going. As I was too focussed on competing my sister has done all of the organising and basically I've said I'm happy to do whatever and go whereever and just to make the bookings and tell me how much. So, other than having to get a new passport I've done nothing for this trip. She's organised flights, accomodation, car hire, etc. All I know is that I'm booked on a helicopter scenic flight over Hoover Dam, somewhere else and then landing in the Grand Canyon for a champagne lunch and also being picked up and dropped off from the hotel in a limo. We're also doing a night time flight down the strip of Vegas, some partying at Coyote Ugly bar, shopping at Walmart and no doubt a little gambling at the casinos. Needless to say I'm really looking forward to enjoying whatever comes my way whilst there.